Critical Care Nursing Jobs at NCH Healthcare

Get an in-depth view of our Critical Care Unit and CC jobs at NCH.

Critical Care Overview

As an award-winning hospital committed to providing world-class care, NCH plays an important role in the health of the Naples community. Our Critical Care services provide opportunities for RNs in two locations throughout Collier County, including:

  • 9 beds in CVRU , ranked in the top 10% by Healthgrades
  • 16 beds in ICU/PCU in our North Naples location
  • 11 beds in 2 units downtown
  • 10 beds in SICU

All of our Critical Care RNs are trained in all units, providing diversity in care and the ability to float between hospitals to cover care needs.

Collaborative approach leads to outstanding patient outcomes

Our Critical Care team has not had a bloodstream infection in over 5 years. Plus, sepsis mortality YTD averages 8.7% and continues to decline. These positive patient outcomes are a result of great working relationships and RN support.

  • RN autonomy and teamwork with physicians keep patient care in the forefront

  • Our RNs work collaboratively with a variety of disciplines, including RT, OT, Speech, Pharmacy, palliative care and chaplains. 

  • Multi-disciplinary rounds in our ICU/SICU provide a comprehensive and proactive approach to each plan of care. 

Technological innovations lead to advanced medical treatment

Cutting edge technology – including advancements in care and medical record keeping – has had a positive impact on the Critical Care we provide.

  • NCH is the 2nd US hospital to use B.Braun and Cerner to auto-program medication to the patient
  • Smart room technology provides an unprecedented level of connection between patient and RN through interactive software
  • Major renovations and even more state-of-the-art technology planned for 2016 in our new ICU/SICU/CC unit

Great leadership inspires great care

The NCH Critical Care leadership team leads by example. Because NCH rewards and celebrates education, the people that work here are incredibly talented. Our RNs are supported with:

  • The best quality tools and technology to take care of patients
  • A common vision to keep people moving forward through education, growth and engagement
  • A real team effort to upgrade the care provided on a regular basis

Success in NCH Critical Care

Compassion, flexibility and a positive approach are attributes shared by our Critical Care RNs. Self-direction and a willingness to take on new challenges make our team even stronger. It may sound simple, but NCH nurses care. They care about the patients and themselves and it shows.